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Wednesday 5 November 2015 

Sister Mimi Goddard RIPMimi

I am sad to inform you that Sr Mimi Goddard died on Wednesday 4 November aged 95. She had been in hospital following a fall.

Many of you will remember Sr Mimi living here on site with us until 2010. She was a frequent visitor to the School and to our Sacred Heart events. Her last visit was for Prize Day this year. Sr Mimi was Head of Marden and lived at Woldingham for a huge part of her life. She loved the place and the School very much indeed.

Sr Mimi was surrounded by love and prayers from her community and friends right up until the end and did not suffer for long.  

We will send out further details when we have information about the funeral.

We thank God for her long and dedicated service to Woldingham School.

Jayne Triffitt, Headmistress 



 1-2 August

18 June 2015 - Sizty-Five Roses Ball

Harriet van der Lande (1985) organises each year the Sixty-Five Roses Ball in aid of Cystic Fibrosis. This year it is held on Thursday 18 June 2015 at the Dorchester. For more details please go to

Currently running is an online auction to raise money. There are loads of fantastic items to bid for. Please go to 

 1-2 August 2015 - Mudeford Arts Festival, Dorset

Penny Sampson (1966) is the co-ordinator of the annual Mudeford Arts Festival that takes place in August in Dorset.  This year's theme is 'Flights of Fancy'! If you would be interested in participating as a Artist, Young Artist, Craftmaker or Performer, then please get in touch! Or it looks like a great event to go to! More details can be found at

Rosemary Chambers, (nee Constable Maxwell, 1959) wanted to share with her children and grandchildren her memories of being born and brought up in a large country house during and after the second world war and she decided she should write them down. 'True To My Roots' is Rosemary's accounts of those years, including her time at Woldingham School and even encompasses her family history which can be traced back over 800 years.

Rosemary's autobiography 'True To My Roots' is out now and has received some fantastic reviews, such as the following:


"It is intriguing that a woman from a very 'strict' Catholic background could succeed in gaining for herself, with warm family encouragement, an education which was just about as liberal as one could get, and which was wholly successful in producing a broad-minded person. Don't take my word for it! Just read the book and you will see it is a true account."  Peter Pooley, Diplomat and Historian

If you are interested in buying a copy of True To My Roots by Rosemary Chambers, please contact the Alumnae Development Officer at The proceeds of this book will go towards Somer Valley FM's Pathway to Employment initiative which increases employability through the development of transferable skills, more information can be found here